Sunday, July 11, 2010

summer reading II

This is the latest book I've read. I wasn't a big fan of it. The story was bleak and overall boring, but what made this novel memorable was the descriptions of the characters. Proulx has a way of describing a character in such a strange, but totally tangible way. "Desire reversed to detestation like a rubber glove turned inside out."


  1. i'm intrigued by the way different writers breath life into characters... i might check this out next time i'm at the library

  2. Hi, there! I definitely don't read as much as I should, but that quote sounds enticing!

    Hey! So you like to listen to songs in Spanish? How cool is that! What kind of music do you like? Maybe I can recommend some bands and even sned you a CD or something. I see you're in Canada. I remember watching a Canadian TV series called Godiva's. In one episode, they played a song by my very favorite Argentine indie band! It was so great to listen to their song in that show! That band's name is Entre Rios, btw. The singer at the time was a soprano and they mixed her mellow voice with electronic music; a great conbination.

    Oh, sorry for writing so much! I got excited, hehe.

    Tight hug!


  3. Thanks for the good wishes! =) I’ve never listened to those bands, but their names sound very familiar. This is Entre Rio’s MySpace, their old account, because they have a new singer and the concept is totally different. You only have two songs there, but at least you’ll be able to tell what kind of music they play.

    I love indie rock! If I remember another band I think you could like, I’ll let you know! ;-)

  4. Btw, Entre Rio's former singer has a new band called Isol/Zypce. Her brother makes music with objects, here's a link to their only video.

    Oh, and Godiva's was a tv series about a restaurant. I used to like it a lot.


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