Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dark and Light

I've woken up earlier today to get some homework done. I am currently working on an art assignment and although I dislike the class, I'm really happy to discover new types of art, such as Chiaroscuro. Colors and lack of colors fascinate me.
Bright colors against light or grey backgrounds. Euginio Recuenco and The Selby.

Black and White
This is a black and white collage I made using images from tons of different sources. The image at the bottom center is by the blogger Igor and Andre, the bottom right is from Le Love.

Chiaroscuro- technique from Renaissance and Baroque periods where light and dark is used. The figures are always painted in lighter colors against a dark background to create a dramatic impact.

The Inspiration of St. Matthew by Carravagio and Salome with Head of John the Baptiste by Godfried Schalcken

Light and Dark
This image is from Adeline Rapon which is a great way of showing contrast. It reminds me of the Brand New album cover for
The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me by Nicholas Prior. If you haven't listen to this album, I greatly suggest you do because it's one of my favorites.

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