Sunday, October 18, 2009

Glass Onion

Hello! The weekend's already over... I wish everyone a great week.
Here are some pretty images.

Beautiful pink dress by Christopher Kane

My family and I are planning on moving soon. We just have to find the right house. I can't wait to decorate my new room. I'm thinking of painting it completely white and having one wall with floral wallpaper, a lot like this one below. Image from Bitter Lemon

This is Vladimir Tretchikoff's Balinese Girl. I love the colors.

I want these amazing penny loafers from Acne so bad!

This picture taken by Carter Smith is so dreamy. I have it as my desktop wallpaper.

Everything about this picture by Carlotta Maneigo is great.

Pretty flowers.
Audrey Hepburn polaroid.

The cutest shoe collection taken by Princess Poochie @ Flickr.


  1. oh for seriousness! That dress is utterly stunning. It looks like the kind of dress that would inhabit you and turn you in to a different person when you wore it...want, need, MUST HAVE!


  2. Haha I agree! I find it strange that it's made by Christopher Kane, since what he is making lately is comepletly different.


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